A Checklist for Selecting a Property Manager

8  Key Questions to ask your Prospective Agent

1. Will I have a dedicated Property Manager or team to look after your property?

At Ranges First National, we see the property management department just as important as the sales department.  We ensure that your property is managed by the best agent for your property and have the utmost of dedication by our whole property management department.
Ranges First National’s rental department is staffed by several highly experienced agents. Continuity is essential and if we find one of our Property Manager’s becomes ill or is on leave our dedicated department manager has an active involvement in all of our properties so you can feel reassured that your investment is managed to the highest possible standard.

2. Experience is essential; how many years’ experience does the Property Manager looking after my property have?

This can mean the individual Property Manager or team working with you.  Experience suggests the knowledge of legislation and real experiences in situations that may arise. We employ team members that have the expertise to help with every real estate need you should have.  Our team members have experience ranging from 5 years to over 30 years.
So at Ranges First National, our entire team of Property Managers have been in the industry for more than five years, making them all highly experienced.

3. How many properties does each Property Manager looks after, will I get enough support when I need it?

If a Property Manager looks after too many properties, you may find they don’t have enough time to devote the attention needed to your property. Some agencies have more than 200+ properties per Property Manager, leaving less time to spend assisting you and maintaining your most significant real estate asset when needed. Other agencies may advertise larger numbers of properties under management, but the staff to property ratio is typically excessive, leading to poor management of the individual properties. We find this commonly in our particular area. While these agencies may be a cheaper option, we guarantee that even if we may be at a higher rate charge for our services, rental provider find this extra expense is minimal and translates to a trouble-free investment that produces a higher long term return.
Each Property Manager at Ranges First National is capped at a point that they can maintain at the highest possible level of service.

4. Will my Property Manager be dedicated to my property? Have they been a long term employee with the agency?

Stability in your Property Manager is essential; someone you know you can talk to, be able to pick up the phone and speak to that person and know they are there and ready to help!
At Ranges First National our Property Management department has only grown in the past years. We have an environment where people want to work and be a part of the team. We only want to continue to grow and have our Property Management department in it for the long term.  Our property management team has been very stable over the last six years.

5. How often will the manager inspect the property?

We follow the guidelines advised by our industry body. Inspections are done by your Property Management team every six months PLUS an ingoing and outgoing inspection. We have not only your dedicated Property Manager but an inspection assistant who can make sure all of your inspections are kept up to date. Some other agencies fall behind in these inspections as they don’t have the extra help available or time to maintain this inspection regime.
Our Property Managers at Ranges First National conduct the first routine inspection after three months of a renter moving into your property. We then implement the six-monthly inspection regime, and at each routine inspection, a full report is completed along with photos whether you are present or not.

6. How do you manage rental arrears? Is this done daily and acted on immediately?

A dedicated property manager has procedures in place for arears and ways to monitor rental arrears daily and minimise late rental payments.
Ranges First National have a protocol in place and use the industry best technology and systems to ensure we know exactly where a renter is paid up to. We do have an allowance period for money transfers, but we put our protocol in place and contact renters as soon as they are in arrears, all while keeping you up to date whenever a renter is late.

7. Do you have staff available for my needs and my property seven days a week?

Some agents have strict inspection times and contact hours. For prospective renters viewing properties, it is hard to find the time to view multiples homes in one timeslot, or maybe they have prior commitments like work, sports, or kids making life busy. Sometimes this limits the number of prospective renters who view your property and renters may get deterred and view another property instead which determines the potential renters to get your property leased.
The Ranges First National team our dedicated team will get as many renters through your property as possible. We hold opens whenever suitable and need, twice a week, with midweek and weekend Open Homes plus private appointments if required, ensuring everyone who wishes to view your property can. We also like to look after our Property Management team, and even though we have someone available seven days a week, 24 hours for emergency needs, we do need our team to have a day of rest. Hence, appointments are generally not conducted on a Sunday.

8. How do you check prospective renters, do you do credit checks, past rental history and current employment checks?

Checking an application and renter history is an essential step. Finding a renter who will take care of your property, maintain one of your most significant assets and be able to pay rent on time continually is essential. At Ranges First National staff screen all of our potential renters carefully and complete several checks when it comes to potential applicants. We check past tenancy ledgers, review latest bank statements, pay slips and income, as well as other supporting documents we think are relevant. Then we can help you make an informed decision as to whether the renter is appropriate and suitable for your property. Also available to our team, are multiple tenancy databases, which the team use to do some final checks before securing your renter.


If you ready to make the move to Ranges First National with your most valuable real estate asset, please complete the form below and we can talk more in-depth about how we can help and answer these and more of your questions!

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