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Locate your dream investment or rental property in Gembrook, or enlist us to sell your home and maximise your returns. The team at Ranges First National are your partners in the real estate market, aiming to demystify the process and guide you along the journey to a new home.


Whether it’s your first family home or you’re adding to your portfolio, there’s no better time to start your research. And there’s no better place on the map than Gembrook, a suburb nestled in the centre of the Dandenong Mountains and located just 40 kilometres from Melbourne. Wake up among the trees and breathe in the fresh air before experiencing the best of living in the hills near schools, shops and more. Then on weekends, find your way to Melbourne’s Central Business District to enjoy an array of sports, culture and shopping. There’s no better way to experience the best of both worlds.


Buy a property with our professional real estate agents


We’ll come on the journey with you to help you from research to settlement, so you can find the ideal home for you in Gembrook. Experts in the local area and with a wealth of on-the-ground connections, we’re able to help you maximise the power of your dollar to get a home that you and your family will love (or one that will see the most returns in the future).


Sell with the peace of mind that we’re looking out for you


When you’re selling property, the whole process can be a mystery and complex laws and legislations can make it that you don’t know where to turn. Rely on us; the real estate agents with decades’ worth of experience in the industry, to guide you along. We provide the service of a free, no-obligation property appraisal to provide you a good idea of what your home’s worth. Then, we guide you along each step of the journey so that you can feel confident in every decision.


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We’re more than happy to show you a catalogue of homes or explain our in-depth process to you. Contact us to arrange an appointment or free appraisal in your home.

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